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Mobile Reporting Made Easy


FULLRECON is the first visual Resource Planning & Capture platform that processes and structures all project-related information in real-time. It incorporates real-time mobile data capture and reporting from Liberty’s mobile suite and combines this data for an industry first – support for structuring and importing existing “analog” paper-based forms and documents.

Our patent-pending STS (Secure Transcription Service) ensures legacy data accuracy that is 99.95% correct. We eliminate double data entry.

All your real-time project-related data

One searchable, intuitive interface


For your projects:


  • Reduce time to Know and Time to React
  • Captures and structures scanned paper forms, PDFs and other documents automatically – eliminating double-entry of data.
  • Validates data and enforces “required fields” in real-time
  • Supports custom forms and data capture requirements for your projects at no additional cost.
  • Reduce Costs by eliminating double-entry, reducing admin and IT reporting functions.
  • Compatible with industry-leading iNspectForms and iNabler electronic data capture and collaboration tools.
  • Monitor Your Projects from Anywhere at Anytime
  • Customized reporting and dashboard views with support for Key Performance Indicators.
  • Create Daily Reports in just a few minutes
  • Bulk-import past project data for asset management, maintenance, and discovery.
  • Compare Current and Past Projects
  • Breeze through Auditor meetings
  • Predict Your Next Scope Using Information from Previous Project Data
  • Measure Contractor/Employee Progress, Quality, and Efficiency

Command Center Highlights


  • Truly visual real-time interface
  • Streaming media views with drill down capability
  • Unique time-slider rewinds and fast-forwards the project time-line
  • Simple Human Interface Filters
  • Dynamic dashboards, giving users real-time role-based visibility into the most important business drivers for their projects
  • Filters and time-slider functionality also applies in real-time to the customizable KPI dashboards

All data and media captured by FULLRECON is secure and maintains and enforces chain-of-custody and data integrity through role-based permissions, digital signatures, and advanced version control.


One of our key differentiators is the fact that we embrace your paper based data. While others may try and box you into using digital forms we realize paper isn’t going away anytime soon. Over the course of time you and your organizations will migrate to a fully digital environment but not tomorrow. You need to be able to accept all data collection media regardless of the type, today.

Think about all past projects that are boxed in paper with virtually inaccessible data – data that can now be unlocked with FULLRECON. 

We build structured, reportable data from all media types inclusive of paper documents, digital forms, photos, videos, audio and even coffee-stained napkins!

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